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    The following advantages of refinancing include:

    - Less expensive interest or comparative rates

    - lower recurring costs

    - lowered payments

    - Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payment options are available.

    - Additional beneficial and adaptable features and services

    - Gaining access to equity or a larger loan to pay for renovations, investment properties, or a new car

    - Personal loans or auto loans for debt consolidation

    - Offers for cash back or other new loan incentives, discounts on other goods.

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    First Home Buyers

    The First Home Buyers Assistance Scheme is growing in popularity. Contracts exchanged on or after 1 July 2023 will be exempt from transfer duty for acquisitions of new and existing homes up to $800,000, and a concessional rate of duty for homes up to $1,000,000.

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    Purchase (Next Home)

    Considering buying your next house and renting out your current one, or selling your current home and buying your new one.

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    Buying an investment property

    Buying an investment property is a terrific option since, especially if the property is in a high-yield location, the value of your investment property may increase over time along with your rental income. As a result, your cash flow may also increase and turn positive.

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    Renovating your home is an excellent method to make it feel brand new and greatly increase its resale value.

    If you require a loan to finance the refurbishment, you have several options, including:

    Top-up, Using home equity, Redraw, Construction loan, Line of credit or a personal loan.

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    Building a home (Construction)

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    Personal Loans

    Personal loans are frequently used to pay for trips, major purchases like a boat, car, or motorcycle, and home renovations. Personal loans may also be used to finance a fantasy wedding. To manage repayments and regain control over your finances, you can use a personal loan to consolidate credit card debt and other outstanding loans into one single account.

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    Cash out

    You can cash out for home improvements E.g Painting, floors etc

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    Debt Consolidation

    Debt Consolidating is a way of refinancing your existing debts E.g Credit Cards, if you're approved, those funds will go towards paying off those balances. Then you'll pay down the new loan over time

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    Commercial Loans

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    Guarantor Loans

    A guarantor loan is a type of loan arrangement where a third party, usually a family member or close friend, agrees to guarantee the loan repayments if the primary borrower defaults. Essentially, the guarantor acts as a co-signer for the loan, providing additional security to the lender.


    Guarantor loans are commonly used for mortgage loans, especially by first-time homebuyers who may not have a substantial deposit or established credit history. It's important for both the borrower and the guarantor to fully understand the terms and obligations of the loan before entering into a guarantor arrangement.

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    Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

    Buying a house through a self-managed super fund (SMSF) involves using your SMSF funds to purchase residential property as an investment. SMSFs are a type of superannuation fund in Australia that allows individuals to have more control over their retirement savings, including the ability to invest in various assets such as property.