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    Whether you’re buying your first home, refinancing, upgrading your house, buying an investment property, building a new home, purchasing a car renovating or in need of a personal loan, we will help you find the most suitable loan and manage the entire process for you!

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    Reliable and Highly skilled

    Get qualified assistance from a reputable mortgage broker.


    Quick, simple, family-focused enterprise

    To make the application process simpler, our brokers will assist with the paperwork and work closely with the lender throughout the entire process.


    We are a free service

    Finding you the best home loan is free of charge. Once your loan is settled, the lender pays your broker.


    Access to over 42 Lenders

    With access to more than 42 lenders, BestLend Mortgage Brokers offers access to interest rates that are among the lowest in the industry.


    Choosing the best course of action for you

    With access to 42 lenders, BestLend will locate the best solution for you. We have a variety of solutions that we can compare.


    Ongoing assistance, guidance, and a lifelong friend

    For the duration of the loan, BestLend is by your side. Over time, our brokers frequently assist clients with various loans.

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    The following advantages of refinancing include:

    - Less expensive interest or comparative rates

    - lower recurring costs

    - lowered payments

    - Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payment options are available.

    - Additional beneficial and adaptable features and services

    - Gaining access to equity or a larger loan to pay for renovations, investment properties, or a new car

    - Personal loans or auto loans for debt consolidation

    - Offers for cash back or other new loan incentives, discounts on other goods. 


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    First Home Buyers

    The First Home Buyers Assistance Scheme is growing in popularity. Contracts exchanged on or after 1 July 2023 will be exempt from transfer duty for acquisitions of new and existing homes up to $800,000, and a concessional rate of duty for homes up to $1,000,000.

    A $5,000 deposit is required.

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    Purchase (Next Home)

    Considering buying your next house and renting out your current one, or selling your current home and buying your new one.

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    Buying an Investment Property

    Buying an investment property is a terrific option since, especially if the property is in a high-yield location, the value of your investment property may increase over time along with your rental income. As a result, your cash flow may also increase and turn positive.

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    Renovating your home is an excellent method to make it feel brand new and greatly increase its resale value.

    If you require a loan to finance the refurbishment, you have several options, including:

    Top-up, Using home equity, Redraw, Construction loan, Line of credit or a personal loan.

    Get in touch with one of our brokers today to discuss your options.

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    Building A Home (Construction)

    From design to completion, a broker will assist in guiding you through the home construction process. They are aware of the best expert to quickly and effectively address any issues. Because they work for you every day during the construction process, they help reduce the stress associated with building a new home.

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    Personal Loans

    Personal loans are frequently used to pay for trips, major purchases like a boat, car, or motorcycle, and home renovations. Personal loans may also be used to finance a fantasy wedding. To manage repayments and regain control over your finances, you can use a personal loan to consolidate credit card debt and other outstanding loans into one single account.

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    Cash Out

    You can cash out for home improvements E.g Painting, floors etc

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    Debt Consolidation

    Debt Consolidating is a way of refinancing your existing debts E.g Credit Cards, if you're approved, those funds will go towards paying off those balances. Then you'll pay down the new loan over time

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    Commerical Loans

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  • Meet The Team


    Karla Redondi - Mortgage Broker


    Karla holds financial services qualifications for mortgage brokering and accreditations with leading financial institutions. Karla assists clients with refinancing for a better deal, guide and support clients through the home loan application process, develop plans and goals for first time buyers to achieve home ownership and research a range of funding solutions for investor clients.



    Credit Representative Number: 532624

     Authorised Under Australian Credit Licence: 383640


    Kyleen Redondi - Relationship Manager

    Kyleen has a passion for real estate and thrives on helping clients achieve homeownership. Coming from a relationship and customer service background with a unique approach to lending, clients find her service refreshing, exciting and supportive.

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  • Testimonials



    "Karla Redondi from Best Lend is a highly recommended Broker you do not want to overlook

    Karla's communication skills and professionalism was amazing, she worked tirelessly on our application to ensure not only did we get the finance but a better rate than anywhere else, she went above and beyond.

    Karla formed a close connection with us making you feel like part of the family making the process comfortable and at ease, a rare trait these days you find in people, I highly recommend Karla she is the best person for the job.

    Thank you Karla if it wasn't for you we would not of been able to purchase our property but you made sure it did."





    ''We were able to purchase our rural property through BestLend. The level of communication dealt by Karla was incredible, a true professional at what she does. Karla went above and beyond ensuring the process and necessary steps were in place, We were able to get the best deal at a great rate.

    Anyone out there looking to purchase there First Home

    ,Refinance, Rebuild, or Renovations PLEASE call Best Lend they make it happen for you. Thank you Karla, we are one happy Rural Property owners.''





    "Bestlend are amazing mortgage brokers. They listens to what you need and then sources the best interest rate for you. My whole application to refinance my home loan has been seemless. Nothing is a problem for them. Any questions I had he answered promptly. I would highly recommend Bestlend if you are looking for a better interest rate. I am looking forward to doing business with them again and again"





    ''We cannot recommend Bestlend highly enough! We were in the middle of a very stressful situation with our current mortgage provider, that was going on 3 months. Within a VERY short period of time, they had looked at our financial situation (which included a number of hurdles), done some research and found us not only a better interest rate with another provider, but also additional funds for our renovations. There communication with us was outstanding, whether by phone, text, email or in person. They handled everything and the process was stress-free and easy"




    First Time Buyer (First Home)

    We are so grateful we had you and your amazing expertise! Cannot thank you enough for your endless help and support through the whole process, wouldnt have happened without you."


    Emma & Jake

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